3D Animation

3D Animation

An Extremely Flexible Tool...

3D animation can be used to create compelling company presentations for technology sales, product launches, marketing, training, safety or engineering visualisations.

With 3D animation you can illustrate things that would be impossible to film, too costly to stage or simply too dangerous to do in real life - ideal for safety training videos for example where you need to simulate emergency situations.

Your 3D animation can be shown on company websites or YouTube, on any computer or tablet, or at exhibitions. We're based in the UK, but have worked for companies from around the world.

What can it do?

Product & Sales Animation...

3D animation is ideal for showing advanced technology products and systems at their best and for demonstrating their features and benefits - no other medium is as flexible for showing what makes your products or services unique.

Safety Animation...

We've covered a wide range of HSE safety topics including PPE, environmental awareness, fire safety, barrier systems, lifting, permit to work, H2S, SCBA, muster points, evacuation, man overboard, alarms, T-cards, heat stress, desert driving, incident reporting, company health & safety policy, MSDS and waste management.

3D Technology Animation...

Exteriors, interiors, sequential systems and environments can all be accurately modeled using 3D animation. Formats include fly-throughs, planning, layouts, facilities, engineering visualisations, company presentations, etc.

Cable Trunking Animation
Precision Measurement Technology
Building safety Video
Aerospace Sequence
Molten Glass Visualisation
Liquid Dynamics Illustration
Lightning Simulation
Oil and Gas - Jack-up Platform
Skyrise Architectural Visualisation
Commercial Aviation Sequence
Tech-Product Animation
Company Data Installation Promo

What can it show?

Project Overviews...

We have been involved with a large civil engineering project covering the commissioning of a new hospital complex - creating both animation and using live action filming for building familiarisation, systems training and fire safety.


Formats typically include fly-throughs, planning-aids, layout simulations and engineering pre-build reviews - allowing potential customers to see what the finished facility will look like before it ever leaves the drawing-board.

Corporate Presentations...

This area really covers a gamut of topics: from corporate-videos, PowerPoint insert animations, internal launch videos through to the occasional fun video for the Company Christmas Dinner!


Product Sectioned Workings
DSV Animation
Manufacturing Facility Visualisation
3D of Safety Products in Action
Oil and Gas Training Animation
Pre-build Gas Storage
3D Technology
Industrial Company Explainer Promotion

3D Animation & 3D Product Artwork