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Looking Glass was established in the UK in 2000 and since then we've been creating eye-catching 3D animation and video for a wide variety of companies across many sectors; including aerospace, aviation, construction, engineering, oil and gas, renewable energy, technology, pharmaceuticals and manufacturing. We're based in Bedford, Bedfordshire - located approximately sixty miles north of London and we've worked with large, mid-sized and small companies throughout the United Kingdom, in Europe, USA, Canada and the Middle East.


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The website is divided into two sections - Animation: presentations made with computer generated imagery & Video: live action filming with a video camera.

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3D Animation is highly adaptable and can be used to illustrate virtually any application, situation or process. We often combine our animation with spoken commentary and music to create a self-contained and effective animated presentation. The following links show a variety of our work sectors and fields of animation production expertise - just click on the images or descriptions below to find out more.

3D Animation - An Introduction

About 3D Animation by Looking Glass Productions

3D Animation is a core company activity and primary speciality here at Looking Glass. Here's an introduction to what animation can do, what it can show and some of its key features & capabilities. Find out more about our 3D Animation HERE

Animated Explainer

Animated Explainer Video

You are probably familiar with the cartoon-type animated explainer, but we've taken things to a whole new dimension with our in-depth technical explainer animations, visualisations and presentations that are targetted directly at the tech-savvy buyer. Animated Explainers

Aerospace & Aviation Animation

Aviation & Aerospace Animation for Sales & Marketing

Examples of our sales and marketing animations for the aviation and aerospace sectors. We're often asked about the image above, and yes, it is from an aerospace and aviation animation, with only the sky and horizon texture mapped from a photo. Aerospace & Aviation Animation

Engineering Animation

Engineering Animation for Architectural, Mechanical and Construction Engineers

From the largest to the smallest engineering projects - animation can depict the essentials of any application, system or installation. Our engineering animations are designed to appeal to both the engineer and end client. Information on our Engineering Animation

Health and Safety Animation

Health and Safety Animation

The flexibility and clarity of message that animation provides makes it well suited to health and safety topics - with its ability to focus on the core health and safety message, it can explain any safety subject in a clear and concise way. Health and Safety Animation

HSE & Fire Safety Animation

HSE and Fire Safety Animation

Every one of our Health, Environment & Safety (HSE) and Fire Safety animation projects is bespoke and is created from actual reference photos, materials or schematics specifically for the company or organisation involved. HSE & Fire Safety Animation

Oil and Gas Animation

Oil and Gas Animation - Onshore & Offshore Safety

3D animation has widespread safety use in the oil and gas industry - because it's entirely computer generated, there are none of the hazards, dangers and costs typically involved with traditional location oil and gas video filming. Oil and Gas Animation

Product Animation

3D Product Animation, Product Marketing and Product Videos

Technical product animation is undoubtedly one of our key company skills. Our Product Animation is used widely for marketing, product explainer and sales promos. They're used at exhibitions, on company websites and for sales presentations. Find out about our Product Animation

Renewable Energy Animation

Renewable Energy Animation - Solar, Wind, Tidal & Power Storage

Renewable energy animation is an emerging and exciting market for us - 3D is the perfect tool for visualisation of new renewable energy systems and technologies. We've recently completed an animated explainer for an energy storage company LAES system. Renewable Energy Animation

Sales & Marketing Animation

Sales and Marketing Animation, Video Marketing, Explainer Video

Around sixty percent of our animation work is fundamentally sales and marketing focused - from animated explainer, product visualisation, through to to sales promotion. Info on our Sales & Marketing Animation

3D Visualisation

3D Visualisation | Architectural Visualisation

Animation is the perfect tool for creating 3D and architectural pre-build visualisations. Visualisation can bring any plan to life and is far easier for the non-technical client and customer to 'picture' than engineering drawings. Animated Visualisation


Video Production for Engineering & Technology Companies

Our live action video production work can add an extra dimension to any 3D animation project and we can film anywhere in the UK for combined video-animation productions. Alternatively, we also offer a dedicated video-only service for companies around Bedford and the surrounding counties - covering Peterborough, Cambridge, Luton, Leighton Buzzard, Dunstable, Corby, Kettering, Wellingborough, Northampton and Milton Keynes.

Video Production - An Introduction

UK Video Production Company based in Bedford - An Introduction to Looking Glass

Useful background information about the processes and stages involved in creating company videos. Video Production Info

Corporate Video

Bedfordshire Corporate Video Company

We specialise in creating corporate video for engineering, manufacturing, technology and service sector companies. Our corporate video find wide usage for company communications, video marketing and sales promotions. Find out more about our Corporate Video Services

Health and Safety Videos

Health and Safety Videos

All of our health and safety videos are individual and completely bespoke as we film at your company premises - ensuring that your health and safety video is geared specifically to your individual needs and situation. Health and Safety Videos

Video Marketing

Manufacturing & Engineering Video Marketing

Having your own company marketing video on your website or available for exhibitions or sales presentations is a great way for manufacturers and engineering companies to attract new customers - both at home and overseas. Video Marketing

Product Video

Product Video for the Technology Sector

Product Video is a powerful way of showing the features and benefits of your product ranges. It's equally at home showcasing the actual end-use product, the manufacturing equipment, or, the various production processes involved. Info about our Product Videos

Tailor-made Technology Presentation Specialists

Our presentations are used widely for marketing, exhibitions, product launches, health and safety, fire safety, training, visualisation, explainer video, staff inductions and corporate promos. Our animation experience has covered aviation & aerospace, oil and gas, renewable energy and visualisation to name only a few - it's worth remembering though, that even if you don't see your exact industry listed - animation is undoubtedly flexible enough to fulfil your needs in style.

Every one of our video and animation projects is uniquely crafted - we don't use 'off the self' generic components or templates. We offer an all-round animation and video production service including scripting, commentary and music soundtrack, as well as other language versions if needed. Please get in touch if you'd like to know more about any of our animation or video services - we welcome enquiries from companies large or small.

Client Logos - Manufacturing - Pharmaceuticals - Oil and Gas - Renewable Energy - Aerospace - Aviation
Client Logos - CDM - Health - Constuction - Products - Facilities - Metrology
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