Health and Safety Videos & Animations

Health and Safety Videos

Deliver Your Safety Message Clearly

If you're having difficulty getting your health and safety training message across, an Animated Video could help clarify and show your safety procedures and policy in an easy to understand way.

Few mediums are as adaptable as Computer Animation for clearly explaining how things fit together - visualisations, explanatory captions and commentary track can all help to ensure that your safety video is clearly focused.
The example video below shows three short extracts from safety animations - showing the opening to a twenty-five minute oil & gas safety presentation, a company HQ safety video, and, part of a module about a construction industry safety barrier system

Purpose Built Safety Videos

All of our safety video animations are completely tailor-made and unique - we don't supply off the shelf generic health and safety videos. It's a complete service and all script writing, captioning, development and production is included with all animation and video work that we undertake. We build everything from reference photos, plans and create each presentation around your health and safety needs, so that it's perfectly fitted for you and your staff.

Need an Estimate / Quote?

Please call or email and let us know your requirements - we'll need to get an idea of the size and scope of the project, what you want to cover and who it's for?
A few reference photos or images of what we'd be covering and a copy of any existing safety documents would be an ideal starting point for an initial estimate.

Lifting Safety Regulations
HSE - Personal Protective Equipment - PPE Animation
Safety Equipment Training
Marine Safety Video Animation
Workforce Security Training
Staff Fire Training
Oil and Gas Industry Safety Videos
Transport Safety Videos
Warehouse Fire Safety Animation
Warehouse Health and Safety Procedures
Tech-Systems Training
Construction Industry Safety Products

Any Safety Topic, Anywhere, Any Audience

Our bespoke health and safety video animations have been used for Health, Safety & Environment (HSE), oil and gas safety (onshore & offshore), staff & office safety inductions, safety product marketing videos, marine & undersea, warehouse, lifting, CDM and fire safety.

Office Building & Staff Video Inductions

These are particularly effective and popular and we've created a number of office, organisation and staff induction animations - detailing everything from alarms, assembly points, safety equipment operation, medical emergencies and building familiarisation; to where to park the car.


Building Induction Staff Safety Video
First Aid Station - Video Animation
Offshore Fire Safety
Safety Barrier - Working at Height - Health and Safety
Bridge Construction Safety System
Helicopter Safety Animation
Training Pool Safety Visualisation

Our Safety Video & Animation Experience

We've many years experience in creating safety training videos and presentations. It doesn't matter if it's a two minute safety overview, or an in-depth video covering the whole of a company's safety policy and procedures - you can be sure of receiving a first class safety training product and production experience with Looking Glass.

There's further examples and information on our HSE and Fire Safety video and animation work HERE

Safety Barrier Video Animation