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Technical videos are our speciality - particularly for industrial and manufacturing sectors, as well as safety videos for service industries.

Our video production experience includes product videos, safety & fire safety videos, staff inductions, engineering and technical presentations.

We can film either self-contained videos, or, video-segments which can be added to animated presentations. We offer a full video package including filming in HD, editing, scripting and voicing, music licensing, and foreign languages.

The demo video shown here contains a mixture of 30" segments from client's manufacturing, product and safety videos.

Manufacturing / Engineering Video

Our factory / facility / plant sequences work particularly well with our animations and can bring a powerful edge to your company's promotional or technical information video.

These facility overviews can help focus on and define your manufacturing or service capabilities - adding a real-world dimension when combined with an animated / live-action mixed presentation.

Video filming usually takes one to two days for typical industrial set-ups - preparation is key though so we'll always visit first to go over what's needed, set a schedule and discuss your objectives.

After filming, the footage is edited - carefully selecting the best shots and views before creating the final video cut.

Engineering Video Production
Manufacturing Video
Warehouse Topic - Video Production Image
Quality Control Industry Video Production
Industrial Sector Video
CAD Design Video
Technology Engineering Video Production
Engeineering Stock Control Video Image

Product Videos

Video can be used to showcase in-depth technical features and operational benefits of your products.

Our videos are designed to communicate directly with the engineer, industrial user and technical buyer.

Videos can be used on your company website or YouTube and we've found that around four to six minutes is an effective run-time for technical product videos created for sales and marketing use.

If you've any questions on product video or anything else not answered throughout the site, please just give us a call.

Further project information can be found on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Quality control in electronics industry video
Industrial product design
Automotive component measurement marketing video
Product compliance testing for promotional video
Product testing sales video
Product promotion - calibration dial close-up
Product video created for marketing
Manufactured product design

Safety / Training Videos

We've covered many areas including; staff and office building inductions, safety awareness, systems training, company/organisation procedural & operational overviews.

New company employee safety induction videos are popular and can help consolidate staff training sessions and aid safety legislation compliance. Fire situational awareness always plays a significant and important role in all our safety videos and typically has its own dedicated section.

A good deal of our video production safety work has been done in combination with animation, so please also visit our other safety pages - our introductory Safety Animation and Health, Safety & Environment and Fire Safety pages.

Fire Safety Signage - Video Still
IT section - part of a safety support video
Security Surveillance Video Image
Industrial sector video production
Corporate video production example image
Facilities Management in Health
Construction Industry Videos and Presentations
Video example from Health Sector


Technical Product Marketing Video
Manufacturing Video
Health Sector Video
Construction Industry Video
Technology Marketing Video
Product Engineering Video
Product Manufacturing Video
Unit Calibration Product Manufacturing Video
Engineering Video - Materials Inspection
Product Stock Control Manufacturing Video

Background Information

The video filming process...

We usually work with a two man crew - project director and professional cameraman. We'll visit in advance to go over things, but it's good idea to let staff know when we'll be filming and to have a good tidy up! We'll obviously try to keep disruption to a minimum, but it's worth allocating specific time for each department that will appear in the video.

Getting your message across...

It's said that a picture paints a thousand words, but sometimes visuals alone can't get across the complete picture - that's where spoken commentary and onscreen captions can help enormously. A voice-over can both enforce the video's message and get across key features that may not be immediately obvious to the viewer and title captioning can help consolidate key points raised in the video.

The video edit...

Once the footage has been captured it's edited - in effect this is where we distil down the best clips of footage, add commentary, captions and music (if required) to create your finished video.

Using your video...

Once complete, your video copies are supplied as files that can be played on computers, added into presentations (PowerPoint, etc) or used online - DVD or Blu-ray can be supplied if required. There are no restrictions on video usage and any music used is officially licensed.

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