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3D Visualisation

Computer animation can be used to illustrate architectural designs, plans and concept drawings - our 3D visualisation process takes this technical information and transforms it into what the finished building, room or object will look like when complete.

Architectural Visualisation - Image One - Post-build Example
Architectural Visualisation - Image Two - Pre-build Example

Architectural Visualisation

The technique has traditionally found widespread use for pre-build architectural visualisation - but we've extended the principle to create buidlings and layouts for existing structures that we use in our marketing, safety and engineering explainer animation.

Room Visualisation - High Angle
Room Visualisation - Low Angle

Room / Layout Visualisation

It's also possible to visualise rooms and layouts with animation - this can be invaluable as a planning aid as it has the capability to show any non-technical customer how the layout can actually be used in day to day situations. We use this technique extensively for re-fit visualisation for sales explainer videos.

Process Visualisation
Office Visualisation
Aerospace Visualisation
Safety Visualisation

Application Visualisation

It's not just architectural builds that the technique can be applied to - we've employed 3D visualisation across a lot of our animation work, from aerospace to renewable energy, to help explain key points and concepts. It can also be a powerful tool for fields such as product design and the how-it-works explainer video.

Engineering Visualisation & Explainer Video
Product Visualisation & Explainer Video
Pre-build Visualisation & Explainer Video
Industrial Visualisation & Explainer Video

Concept & Creative Visualisation

What helps set Looking Glass animation apart is our ability to think outside the box and also apply visualisation techniques creatively - the example image below shows how a standard dots-on-a-map idea has been expanded to visualise this manufacturing company's worldwide distributor network.

Click HERE for our Example Animations

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