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3D Visualisation

Computer animation can be used to illustrate architectural designs, plans and concept drawings - our 3D visualisation process takes this technical information and transforms it into what the finished building, room or object will look like when complete.

Various animated visualisation clips set to music.

Architectural Visualisation

The technique has traditionally found widespread use for pre-build architectural visualisation - but we've extended the principle to create buidlings and layouts for existing structures that we use in our marketing, safety and engineering explainer animation.

Architectural Visualisation - Image One - Post-build Example
Architectural Visualisation - Image Two - Pre-build Example

Room / Layout Visualisation

It's also possible to visualise rooms and layouts with animation - this can be invaluable as a planning aid as it has the capability to show any non-technical customer how the layout can actually be used in day to day situations. We use this technique extensively for re-fit visualisation and marketing promos.

Room Visualisation - High Angle
Room Visualisation - Low Angle

Application Visualisation

It's not just architectural builds that the technique can be applied to - we've employed 3D visualisation across a lot of our animation work, from aerospace to renewable energy, to help explain key points and concepts. It can also be a powerful tool for fields such as product design and the how-it-works explainer video.

Process Visualisation
Aerospace Visualisation
Safety Visualisation
Office Visualisation
3D Medical Animation of Virus
3D Medical Animation of Eyeball
An eye for detail

No matter the size of your project we can capture the finest detail. We can handle and bring to life concept sketches, engineeing drawings or CAD files (.STEP format is ideal).

Product and Component Visualisation
Engineering Visualisation Explainer
Industrial Fuel Filter Visualisation
Hospital Pre-build Visualisation

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