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Health, Safety & Environment 3D Animation | HSE COSHH Animated Video

HSE & Fire Safety Animation

3D Animation offers the perfect solution for showing technical subjects such as environmental health and safety, working at height or COSHH in an easy to understand way - no matter how broad or specialised the Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) or Fire Safety topic.

Supporting location photo sequences can be added to the animation, safety documentation can be readily converted to 2D artwork for inclusion, and explanatory training aid captions & titles used. Your health and safety presentation can be further reinforced with a voiceover (spoken commentary) to help consolidate your animation's safety message.

All our HSE and fire safety animations are bespoke and built specifically for each individual application - please contact us if you'd like to know more about our unique animation, visualisation, explainer video and computer graphic services.

Three short clips from a selection of our HSE, fire safety and health and safety animations.

Working at Height - CDM Safety Video Animation (Construction, Design & Management)
HSE Safety Products and Systems for the Construction Sector - 3D Sales Animation & Visualisation
Oil and Gas Sector - Offshore HSE, Environmental & COSHH Video Animation
Bespoke Safety Workplace Training Explainer Animations for Companies

Our HSE Health and Safety Animation Experience

We've covered a host of Health, Environment & Safety (HSE) training topics in our health and safety videos including crane lifting regs, working at height, COSHH, SCBA, H2S, alarms, fire extinguishers, reporting, environmental awareness and health monitoring.

We've worked extensively for the oil and gas industry on numerous safety projects. Office and staff workplace induction safety explainer videos are also a well-represented proportion of our animation work, including new employee inductions, fire safety & control, fire protection, fire detector, fire suppression systems, medical emergencies and assembly points.

CDM Animation

We've recently completed a series of animations covering safety system products aimed at the construction industry, as well as preparing for a new animation project for CDM (Construction, Design & Management).

Workplace Employee Safety Induction - 3D Animated Explainer Video
Fire Alarm System - Fire Safety Awareness Animation
Workplace Fire Safety Evacuation Procedures - Training Video
Office Fire Protection Alarm System - 3D Animation

Fire Safety Animations

Company & Staff Workplace Inductions

We've been involved in creating numerous staff and company workplace safety explainer videos for high-rise office buildings, factories, offshore facilities, work sites, etc, and understandably fire safety plays a major part in these presentations.

Fire Safety Matters

Fire safety topics covered by us in the past have included fire prevention, raising the alarm, fire alarms, fire extinguishers, stairs & lifts, fire suppression systems, evacuation and assembly points. Fire safety is especially important in the offshore oil and gas sector - our animation experience in this area includes SCBA, COSHH, working at height, air cascades, HVAC, T-Cards, muster points and lifeboat evacuation.

Fire Zone Visualisation - Workplace Fire Safety Animation
Building Access & Fire Safety Protection Induction Animation
Emergency Safety Procedures Explainer Video - Fire Suppression
Maritime Safety Fire Control - HSE Fire Safety Animation
Oil and Gas Industry COSHH - HSE Safety Explainer Video
HSE Health and Safety Training Company Presentation - Fire Detection
Control of Substances Hazardous to Health - Materials Handling - COSHH HSE Training
Health and Safety in Construction Sector - Safety Product - Animated Video for CDM (Construction, Design & Management)
Offshore HSE and Environmental - Marine Animation Visualisation - Oil and Gas Sector

Tailor-made HSE and Fire Safety Animation

All of our explainer animated video is tailor-made and is created from actual photos of your facilities so everything looks like your building or facility. Working alongside your site safety team, we'll ensure that your presentation fits your needs perfectly and is not an off-the-shelf generic video.

Please get in contact if you'd like a quote for your HSE, fire or health and safety project - we'll go through things with you so that we can give you an initial estimate. A great place to start is with an overview of what you want to achieve, an idea of the scope and scale of the project and a few photos or references.

Fire Alarm System - Bespoke 3D Animation, Explainers and Visualisations from Looking Glass Bedford