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3D Animated Explainer Videos

Clear & Concise Technical 3D...

Ordinarily, explainer videos are short cartoon-like 2D presentations, but we've greatly expanded upon this approach and can supply advanced 3D explainer animations created specifically for technology, engineering and manufacturing companies.

3D Medical Explainer Animation of Artery
Health and Safety Animation Explainer Video
Engineering Explainer Video
Medical Management Systems Graphic Visualisation - Explainer Video

Streamlined 3D

In addition to our 'full-spec' animation style, we can also offer a 'Streamlined 3D' explainer style - this can sometimes be better suited for short-form presentations, applications where a quicker turnaround is required, or, where there is simply not the need for in-depth detail or featured environments.

Full-Spec 3D vs Streamlined 3D - Examples
Streamlined 3D vs Full-Spec - Examples

60 second Safety Barrier Product Guide demonstrating Streamlined 3D...

20/20 Vision

Animation (both full-spec and streamlined) is great for explaining how things work, application guides, how systems interact or for explaining ideas.

3D Animation is particularly good at getting inside the subject matter and showing exactly how things tick with cut-throughs, graphics, captioning and special-fx. This kind of animated explainer video approach is especially suited for illustrating industrial processes and products.

Engineering Refinery Process - Animated Explainer
Scientific and Mechanical Process - Animated Explainer
Electronics and Measurement Product - Animated Explainer
Manufacturing Technology Benefits - Animated Explainer

Animated Explainer Applications

3D animated explainers can be used for a myriad of industries, services and situations - health and safety, HSE, CDM, product demos, communication systems, visualisations, renewable energy, oil and gas, engineering, aerospace, aviation, pharmaceuticals, electronics, manufacturing, etc.

We create technical explainer animations that are clear, concise & understandable - ones that appeal equally to the specialist, technical buyer and informed end-user alike.

Product Packshot Marketing Explainer Video
Aerospace Communications Explainer Video
Health and Safety - Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) Explainer Video
Airport Passenger Passport Control System Explainer Video
Explainer Animation Made Simple

We've yet to find a situation where we've been unable to illustrate a technical idea, process or application using 3D animation - so if you're struggling to communicate your ideas effectively - please get in contact as we'd love to help.

Technical Animated Explainer Video for Construction Safety Company - Fall-prevention Equipment Illustration