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Animated Technical Visualisations

Animated Technical Presentations

This video contains a variety of short extracts from different client animations covering a range of formats and styles...

Ultimate Flexibility

Everything's Possible

With animation the only limit is your imagination. With our animated technical presentations you can make a real impact at exhibitions or get right to the heart of the matter with our instructional presentations.

Engineered to Look Good

3D Animation really can look better than real-life as there are no imperfections, no spots or blemishes, no scratches or smears - that is unless you want them - in which case they can be added for ultimate realism.

Attention to Detail

Looking Glass Bedford - Product Packshot Animation
3D Product Detail from Marketing Visualisation
Marketing Safety Product
Pharmaceutical Diagnostic Equipment Animation - 3D Visualisation

Visualisations & Applications

Any Setting

Animation is not just great for demonstrating products and their uses - any setting, process, service or environment can be animated too.

Capture the Wider View

3D Visualisation from Looking Glass
Hydropower Application - Sectioned Dam View
3D Product Illustration
LAES Storage Plant Visualisation

Special FX

Captivate Your Audience

The Special FX capabilities of animation - such as being able to create realistic liquids, fire, light, extreme heat or cold for example - makes it a very powerful tool.

Space, time and the laws of nature can be moulded to suit your purpose. Visual effects can be used with your animation to enliven any idea or to create a 'WOW FACTOR' that demands the audience's attention.

Turn Heads

3D Data Visualisation Graphic
Space Satellite Animation
Special FX Animation - Furnace
Underwater DSV Presentation

Price Guide

Two of our most popular formats are promotional and instructional animations. Promos tend to be shorter and faster paced - training animations more measured and detailed...

Sales / Promotional Presentations

Prices start at around £4K+vat for a 2 minute animation to £10K+vat for a 5 minute fully featured prestige promotion.

Instructional / Training Presentations

Prices for these start at around £4K+vat for a 3 minute animation to £8K+vat for a 6 minute in-depth guide.

Explain & Illustrate

Explanatory Adjustment Table Graphic
Edge Barrier Illustration
Flow Profile Animation
Expanded Layer Illustration

Print, Marketing & Leaflets

Our customers are often surprised and pleased to discover that as part of their animated projects, we can also output still images from their animations that can then be used for marketing and print.

The example below shows how images of a client's safety barrier system for the construction industry were adapted from their promo animations for additional use in their product range leaflets.

Using Animation for Print & Marketing

The Soundtrack

Be Seen & Heard

An often overlooked aspect of any animation is the accompanying soundtrack - we pride ourselves in paying as much attention to what is heard, as well as seen. We have access to an extensive music library and voice-over pool (all languages).


Edge Barrier Training Module-

Toolset from Edge Barrier Training Modules

Hi-Tech Product Demonstrations

Measurement Probe - Product Demonstration

Refinery Visualisation

Refinery Operation Visualisation

Aviation Services Sales Presentation

Aviation Services Sales Presentation

Flow Measurement Exhibition Video

'In-Situ' Flow Measurement Exhibition Video

Precision Metrology Product Presentation

Precision Metrology - Product Presentation

Sectioned Technical Product

Sectioned Product reveals Inner Workings

3D Web Packshot

Attention to Detail - Metal Surfacing Example

Animated Telecommunications Sequence

Animated Telecommunications Sequence

Animated Company Logo Sequence

Animated Company Logo Sequence

Aerospace Communications Presentation

Aerospace Communications Presentation

Alternative Forms of Renewable Energy - Promotional Animation

Renewable Energy Promotional Animation

Support Vessel Training Module

Support Vessel Training Module

Airport Visualisation

Airport Visualisation

End to End Service

Why Choose Us?

We provide a complete end-to-end 3D animation service for technology, engineering and manufacturing sector companies. Every production aspect is covered - script writing, 3D modelling and rendering, editing and soundtrack. We liaise with clients throughout the entire process so that you can be sure of an excellent end product with a first-rate service that perfectly fits your needs.

Do you already use CAD?

We've turbocharged numerous clients' stock CAD files into compelling full-blown presentations complete with stunning visuals and soundtracks to help explain, sell or illustrate their products, applications and services.

Animated Technical Presentations are undoubtedly one of our key specialities - please get in contact if you'd like to find out more...

Technical Product Animations from Looking Glass