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Do you need a company video?

If you need a technical video or company safety presentation you've come to the right place - we specialise in company sales promos, product demonstrations, training and exhibition videos - as well as safety videos for staff training, HSE, fire safety awareness and inductions.

We're based in Bedford

Our video production services cover all of Bedfordshire and the surrounding counties. We were established in 2000 and have a proven track record in video production, as well as in our specialist technical animation side of the business.

Four short example sequences from a selection of our videos - Manufacturing - Products - Corporate - Health & Safety...

Technical Videos

Our Services

We specialise in creating short videos for manufacturers and technology companies that showcase and demonstrate the features, benefits and applications of their technical products or services.

Video Marketing that Works for You

Video marketing can play an important role in any tech company's communication and sales efforts. Having a video on your company's website can allow customers to see what you do, what you make and what makes you unique.

You can also use your videos on YouTube and at Sales Presentations, Trade Shows & Exhibitions.

Marketing Videos for Technology Companies
Product Marketing Video-
Automotive Product Video
Product Design Video

An Eye for Detail

What's shown in your video is entirely up to you - for example you may wish to show how the product is manufactured and the key processes that are involved, alternatively you may prefer to 'demo' the product and show what it can do or how it works.

We're flexible in what we do and how we do it, so please phone or email if you require any help with what's achievable?

Technical Videos from Bedford Company


We use a pro video camera on our video shoots which enables us to capture fine close-up detail - ideal for making your technical product look great. The image shown below is from a metrology product calibration video, targeting international sales for the company's precision measuring equipment.

Calibration Video
Product Assembly Video
Manufacturing Assembly Video
Construction Company Video

A Complete Service

We offer a complete video production service - providing all the scripting, filming and editing. Our videos are typically accompanied by a spoken commentary, although on-screen caption versions can also be made for use at exhibitions where the audio is usually muted.

Foreign language versions (in just about any language) can also be created if you have your sights set on overseas markets. Any music used is copyright cleared and is officially licensed for use on the web or at exhibitions or presentations.

Glass Manufacturing Video
Precision Equipment Video-
Electronic Assembly
Digital Measurement
Clean Room Video
Component Inspection Video

Health & Safety Videos

Tailor-made & Filmed at Your Location

We offer a completely bespoke health and safety video service - we come to you and film at your workplace location - that way you can be sure everything is geared exactly towards your exact health and safety requirements, procedures and needs.

Health & Safety Videos from Looking Glass Bedford

Workplace Safety

Fire / Chemicals / PPE / Medical Emergencies, etc are often the first things to spring to mind when Health & Safety is mentioned - but we also cover the day-to-day common sense workplace health, environmental and company policies that can often get overlooked. Please get in touch if there's anything you think we could help with.

Office Safety Videos-
Forklift / Warehouse Safety
Security Monitoring

Fire Safety

Fire safety often plays a significant role in the videos we produce - types of alarms (and importantly what they actually sound like), what procedures to follow when you hear an alarm, evacuation routes, assembly points and who to inform in an emergency, are often key components of any safety video.

Emergency Evacuation
Emergency Door Release-
Fire Extinguishers

Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)

Along with general company safety videos, we can also create more specialised videos aimed at particular industries or applications - for example working at height or personal protective equipment (PPE) as used in hazardous environments.

Working at Height
Hazmat Suit
Welding PPE

What's involved in creating a video?

Please get in touch and we can arrange a visit to discuss and have a look at your factory or facility. During the visit we'll be able to demo appropriate examples of our video production work and we can explore what you'd like to do and show.

Video filming usually takes a day; a script is then written and the video footage is edited. You'll get to see draft copies throughout the production process and make script or shot alterations if needed. The video production process usually takes around three weeks.

Automatic Door Close
Fire Exit Sign
Security Intercom
Hi Vis Jacket
Hazardous Materials
Safety Inspection

Video Price Guide

Tailor-made Technical / Safety Videos

A three minute video with scripted voice over is £3000+VAT

This includes one day's video filming at a single location in Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire or Cambridgeshire (we're based in Bedford). A pre-filming visit to go over things, written script, voice over commentary and licensed music. You can use your video on your website, YouTube or as part of company presentations.

Optional extra add-ons such as extra days' filming (for longer videos or to cover multiple locations), pro-studio voicing, other language versions or 3D Animation inserts (Company Logos, etc) are available at extra cost - please phone for an estimate.

Trading Terms

The payment schedule is typically split into three stages - the initial payment is due after filming, the second instalment when the draft script is produced and then the balance on completion.

Electrical Maintenance
Public Safety
Industrial Safety Screen-
Staff Helpdesk
COSHH Examination

Here to help...

Please get in touch and have chat if you think we can help, we'd be delighted to visit you at your company, have a look around and discuss what can be achieved. Don't worry if you've never been involved in video before, we can guide you through the steps one at a time - to make sure you get a video you'll be proud of.

Our Company Video Production Services usually just cover the Bedford, Luton, Milton Keynes, Northampton, Peterborough, Cambridge areas - but we can film outside the region for larger projects or projects with an animation/video mix, so please get in contact if you've a particular project in mind that you think we could help with.

Component Inspection
Product Design
Product Testing - Bedford Company
Manufacturing Lathe
Welding Assembly
Cleanroom Environment

Technology & Safety Videos from a Bedford Company