Engineering 3D Animation - Construction & CDM (Civil)
Engineering 3D Computer Graphics - Architectural
Engineering 3D CAD Visualisation - Mechanical

3D Engineering Animation & Visualisation

Architectural, Civil & Mechanical

Entire engineering environments can be animated inside a computer - from industrial complexes to offshore oil fields. The area can be 'flown around' and viewed from any angle to give an accurate visualisation of the project.

3D computer graphic visualisations can bring complex civil, mechanical or architectural engineering projects to life as animation is far more accessible to the non-professional than schematic drawings and can really help your customer visualise all the engineering aspects involved.

Three clips from a selection of presentations - an architectural visualisation, a large scale installation and a product engineering promo.

Construction Engineering Visualisation & Animation - 3D computer graphics from Looking Glass Bedford
Architectural Engineering Animation & Visualisation
Mechanical Engineering (Nuclear) - 3D Computer Graphics
Industrial Engineering Video Animation - Warehouse Facility

Show How Things Fit Together

Show how your architectural, mechanical or civil engineering project goes together - 3D engineering animation and visualisation can help break down complex technical systems into more understandable parts and introduce your audience to things in simple steps.

We've been involved with civil engineering animation projects covering the commissioning of a new hospital (using animation and visualisation for building familiarisation, training, health & safety and fire safety procedures), renewable energy animated explainers, oil and gas, construction and manufacturing.

3D Hospital Visualisation - Health and Safety
Engineering 3D Computer Graphics - Marine Transportation Video
Manufacturing Process Video Explainer - Ultrasonic Measurement
Engineering - Special FX Animation - Oil and Gas Processing Illustration / Visualisation

3D Engineering Visualisations

Lab and pharmaceutical equipment layout visualisations are an important segment of our work - machine configurations, interiors and complex diagnostic environments can all be accurately modelled using 3D computer graphics.

Animation formats typically include fly-throughs, planning-aids, layout simulations, explainer videos, marketing promos and pre-build animations - all allowing potential customers to see what the finished facility will look like before it ever leaves the drawing-board.

Oil and Gas - Refinery Fuel Process Video Animation
Construction - Engineering Animation - Safety Products
Glass Melt Tank Process - 3D Computer Graphic Animation
3D Industrial Engineering Animation & Visualisation
Architectural Engineering Video Walkthrough
Oil Refinery - Technical Marketing Flythrough - Engineering Visualisation

Engineering Processes

It's not only architectural and civil engineering that can be convincingly portrayed with 3D computer graphic animation - mechanical engineering processes can also look good too: extreme heat & cold, sound, ultrasonics, magnetic fields, centrifugal forces and even time can be slowed-down, sped-up or stopped.

Please get in contact if you're interested in finding out about our various engineering animation, explainers and visualisation services - we're also equally at home in the health & safety, sales or marketing fields as any other and would be pleased to assist with any request.

Oil and Gas Industry Refinery - 3D engineering animation, illustration, computer graphics, explainers and visualisation