Sales & Marketing Animation for Trade Shows and Exhibitions from Looking Glass

Frequently Asked Questions

"Where do I start?"

Please phone or email to discuss your project's aims and goals. If you'd like an estimate please give us a breakdown of what you'd like to achieve with a few supporting images and your website address so that we can get an idea of your products / services.

"What reference materials are needed for a project?"

Visual guides such as drawings, plans, reference photographs and product samples are a great place to start. Brochures, company literature and websites are particularly helpful in generating script ideas. Artwork for your company logo is always a must.

"What are the development stages involved with animation?"

We always produce client review stills, draft animations and draft scripts first so that you can see how things will look from an early stage. The project may go through several draft versions and stages before the final approved 3D animation is complete.

"How long does a typical project take?"

For animation, anything from one to a number of months depending on the complexity and scope of the project - we will of course discuss timescale with you before we start. Video production usually takes less time than animation.

"Can I have different language versions?"

Yes if needed. We've worked in many languages - including Arabic, Chinese, most European languages, Japanese, Russian and many more.

"Are there any restrictions on usage?"

There are no video usage or repeat fees. Any music used is licensed for worldwide coverage. Many of our clients add their animations to YouTube, as well as to their own company websites.

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