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Delivering Your Message Clearly

If you're having difficulty getting your health and safety in the workplace message across, an animated video could help clarify and show your safety policies and procedures in an easy to understand way.

Few mediums are as adaptable as 3D computer animation for clearly explaining health and safety topics - visualisations, explanatory captions and commentary track can all ensure that your message is completely focused.

This short video contains five clips from a variety of Health & Safety and HSE animations...

Completely Tailor-Made

100% Unique

All of our safety animations are completely tailor-made - we don't supply off the shelf generic videos.

100% Bespoke

We create everything from reference photos and plans, and build each presentation around your safety requirements, so that it's perfectly matched to you, your workplace and employees. Because we create from actual references, your facilities will look like your facilities, we'll use your company logo and branding, your Assembly Points will be where they should be, etc, etc.

Staff Assembly Point

Health & Safety Inductions

Office / Site / Factory

These company or organisation Induction Animations are particularly effective and popular and we've created a wide variety of office, site and workplace videos - detailing everything from alarms, assembly points, safety equipment operation, medical emergencies and building familiarisation; to where to park the car.

In the Workplace

Fire Safety Training
Safety Escape Route Planning
Emergency Door Release
Office Safety Inductions

In-depth HSE

Health, Safety & Environment

This category represents some of our more detailed and in-depth productions. These are typically divided up into easily digestible sections or modules such as Locations & Facilities, Security & Access, PPE, Work Permits, Chemicals, Emergency Actions, etc, etc.

We've covered a host of specific HSE topics in our animations including crane lifting regs, working at height, COSHH, SCBA, H2S, alarms, environmental awareness and health monitoring. Your presentation will be supported by a voiceover (spoken commentary) to help consolidate your animation's safety message, and different language versions can be created if needed.

Measured & Precise

Crane Lifting Safety Animation
Hazardous Waste Handling
Hazard Identification and Risk Analysis (HIRA) Animated Grid
Working at Height

Price Guide

The guide prices shown here are for our two most popular formats - Company Safety Inductions and in-depth multi-module HSE Projects - if you don't see exactly what you want though, please just give us a call...

Health & Safety Inductions

Prices start at £10K+vat for a 10 minute safety animation

Full HSE Projects

Our in-depth Health, Safety & Environment animations start at £20K+vat for a 20 minute project

Construction and Transportation Safety

Fire Safety

Under Control

We've been involved in creating numerous staff and company workplace safety animations for high-rise office buildings, factories, offshore facilities, work sites, etc, and understandably fire safety often plays a major part in these presentations. Animation is capable of great flexibility and any emergency fire situation at your location can be illustrated safely as everything is animated and not filmed.

Broad Ranging

Fire Safety Animation
Fire Zone Animation
Fire Alarm Safety Presentation
Fire Extinguisher Safety Guide

Oil and Gas

HSE Experience

We've a wealth of experience working for the oil and gas safety sector - both onshore and offshore. We create long-form, in-depth and understandable oil and gas health and safety / fire safety presentations that appeal to all. All production work is done in-house, from scripting to animation and we can also produce versions in any language required.

Some of the oil and gas safety topics we've covered include H2S (hydrogen sulphide), crane lifting regulations, drilling procedures, self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), evacuation and alarms, working at height, Permit to Work and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

Offshore & Onshore

Offshore Oil and Gas Safety Animation
Onshore Oil and Gas Safety Animation
Oil Refinery Safety Presentation
O&G Air Cascade Safety Video
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

PPE is quite a popular safety topic as you can imagine, but it's worth remembering that we can also animate moving human figures as well as environments and equipment, enabling us to create fully featured and relevant safety scenes.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) - Oil and Gas Safety Animation

Office Alarm System

Emergency Alarms

First Aid Points

First Aid Points

T-Card System

T-Card System

Safety Barrier - Working at Heights

Working at Height

Bridge Construction Safety System

Bridge Barrier System

Helicopter Safety Animation

Helicopter Ditch Simulation

Training Pool Safety Visualisation

Safety Company Training Promo

Offshore Safety Marine Animation

Offshore Safety

Construction Safety Animation

Safety Barrier System

Building Access Control

Access Control

Diving Support Vessel

Diving Support Vessel

Emergency Procedures

Emergency Procedures

Here to Help...

Need a Quote?

Please call or email and let us know your requirements - we'll need to get an idea of the size and scope of the project, what you want to cover and who it's for. A few reference photos or images of what you'd like to cover and a sample of any existing safety documents would be an ideal starting point for an initial estimate.

Safety Barrier Animation - Health & Safety in Construction