Oil and Gas Animation - Onshore & Offshore Safety - 3D Computer Graphics, Visualisations & Technical Explainer Videos

Oil and Gas Animation

Tailor-made Safety & Training Presentations

We produce technical training & health and safety induction 3D computer graphic animations and explainer videos for oil and gas companies

We've a wealth of experience working in the oil and gas sector - with both onshore and offshore explainer video animation work. We create long-form, in-depth and understandable oil and gas health and safety / fire safety presentations that appeal to all. All production work is done in-house, from scripting to animation and we can also produce versions in other languages if required.

Safety Animation - Training for the Oil and Gas Safety Industry
Onshore Oil and Gas Animation - Crude Oil Storage Facility
Oil & Gas Offshore Safety 3D Explainer Video - SCBA - Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
PPE Safety 3D Computer Graphic Visualisation - Personal Protective Equipment

Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)

Some of the oil and gas safety topics we've covered include hydrogen sulphide, health, safety & environment (HSE), crane lifting regulations, drilling procedures, self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), evacuation and alarms, fire safety and onshore & offshore inductions.

HSE Oil and Gas Training Video Presentation
Video Explainer Animation of Oil Storage Depot
Oil and Gas - PPE and Evacuation Procedures Offshore BA Set
Offshore Oil Rig Safety Video Production UK

The Animation Process - Getting Safety Right

We can create your oil and gas 3D explainer animation from reference photos, schematics if available, and use any company safety training materials you may have as a basis for content - we don't need to visit or film the actual facility or rig involved - with support from your safety team, we can do everything remotely. Visual drafts are also created as we go along, so you'll get the chance to check everything is correct as things progress.


Oil and Gas Health and Safety Videos - Energy Sector
Chemical Safety - Bunded Storage Area - 3D Computer Image
Oil and Gas Explainer Video
Offshore Support DSV Services 3D Computer Graphics
ROV Undersea Operations Animation
O&G Storage Facility Visualisation
Oil and Gas Support - Marine / Offshore Training Video

Our Oil and Gas Experience

We've worked with both small oil and gas support companies, as well as large multinationals from around the world - please call if you'd like to know more about our oil and gas explainer videos, visualisation and 3D computer graphic animation services. Our health and safety animation production work for other oil and gas related sectors is as diverse as offshore diving support vessels, flow measurement metering for fiscal pipeline transfer and fuel processing & storage.

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Looking Glass 3D computer graphic animation explainer video work for the energy sector includes OG, oil and gas, renewable energy such as wind, solar, tidal and biomass