Renewable Energy 3D Computer Graphic Animation Presentations, Explainer Videos and Visualisations for Hydropower, Biofuel, Biomass, Geothermal, Solar, Tidal, Wave and Wind power

Renewable Energy Animation

Solar, Wind, Tidal & Power Storage

Looking Glass is a specialist 3D computer graphic animation company that works solely in the technical sector creating in-depth presentations and explainer videos. Animation provides the perfect means for illustrating emerging renewable energy sectors such as solar power, wind turbines & farms, wave & tidal energy, hydropower, biofuel, biomass, geothermal and energy storage.

Power Storage Marketing Video
Engineering - Wind Farm Energy Production - Project Installation Animation
Solar Power Explainer Video Visualisation
Hydropower Schematic (renewables sector) - Engineering Explainer Animation
Offshore Wind Energy - Wind Farm Animation - Power Turbine
3D Computer Graphic Animation of Solar Renewable Energy and Photovoltaic (PV) Technologies

Bespoke Technical Animation

Recent renewable energy work has included a large scale energy animation project for a power storage development company featuring a system that uses liquefied air as the energy storage medium - their five minute explainer video was also translated from English into Chinese and Japanese language versions.

Renewables - A Complete Picture

We offer a complete production service and are equally at home producing renewable energy information explainer videos, to marketing and sales visualisations. Everything we produce looks exactly like your facility, equipment or plant because we can create the 3D computer models from supplied photos or drawings. Typically our animations also include a 'voice-over' to accompany the visuals - this is a spoken commentary track that can pinpoint and focus key topics.


3D Computer Graphic of Solar Energy Panels
Animated Renewable Energy and Power Storage Promo
Hydropower Visualisation (Renewables)
Animation Service for Renewable Energy Sectors including Biomass and Biofuel - 3D Computer Graphics
Animated Explainer Video Promo for Solar Power Energy

Energy & Support Industry Sectors

Apart from our 3D computer graphic explainer video animation work for the renewable energy sector, we've also been involved in other energy engineering fields including gas storage, nuclear and the offshore & onshore oil and gas industry with our videos explainer, health and safety and marketing animations.

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3D Computer Graphic, Animation and Visualisation of Energy Storage LAES (Liquid Air Energy Storage) - Marketing Explainer Video