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Product Animation

Sometimes it's OK to Show Off

3D animation is ideal for showing your product at its best best and for demonstrating its features to your target audience

Once modelled in 3D, product explainer animations can be viewed from any angle and aspect, dis-assembled or re-assembled, placed in unusual or hostile environments, or shown in ways difficult or impossible to achieve with conventional video.

Engineered to Look Good

Computer graphic stills can also be produced at high-resolution print quality - making them ideal for promotional, sales brochure work or product marketing packshots. 3D product explainer video animation really can be better than real-life as there are no imperfections, no spots or blemishes, no scratches or smears - that is unless you want them - in which case they can be added for ultimate realism.

The following sequence contains a variety of short clips from some of our product, marketing and animated explainer videos.

Looking Glass Product Marketing Packshot - Computer Generated Imagery, 3D Animation & Animated Explainer Videos
3D Product Detail from Marketing Visualisation
Marketing Print Work (computer graphic) - Construction Industry Safety Equipment
Pharmaceutical Diagnostic Equipment 3D Equipment Visualisation

Deliver a Powerful Product Marketing Message

When the product animation is combined with commentary and soundtrack in a well-structured video, it becomes a well-honed sales tool. 3D computer graphics is perfect for illustrating engineering products and product manufacturing systems. The level of detail achievable is exceptional - the product can be sectioned to show its interior and demonstrated working in minute detail.

Animation Reference Materials

We're equally at home working from photos, video footage, samples, engineering drawings, CAD files (.STEP format preferred) or concept sketches (in the case of new designs) as reference materials and sources for product explainer animation.

Product Marketing Equipment Packshot - Pharmaceuticals
3D Data Visualisation from Aviation Animation
Technical Product 3D Computer Graphics - Oil and Gass Engineering Sector
Product Sales Presentation - Flowrate Measuring Meter
Broadening the Scope

Our animation can produce any conceivable effect - pyrotechnics, liquids, particles, light/laser beams, fire, smoke - anything that you can imagine

Visual effects can be used with 3D computer graphics to enliven any idea or to create a 'wow factor' that demands the audience's attention - turning technical explainer videos and product marketing presentations into eye-catching and impressive events. Space, time and the laws of nature can be moulded to suit your purpose - the impossible can become possible.

Product Animation - Safety Tools from Construction Industry - Marketing Still
Product Animation - Hi-Tech Product Demonstrations
Product Animation - Industrial Exhibition Promo
Product Animation - New Product Sales Promotion
Product Animation - Marketing Brochure Packshot
Product Animation - 3D Web Packshot created from Safety Video
A Key Speciality

Product Animation is undoubtedly one of our key disciplines - please get in contact if you'd like to find out more about our product marketing 3D computer graphics, explainer videos or engineering promos.

3D Computer Graphic Product Visualisation from Looking Glass Animations and Video